I'm lost in the crowd. No idea where i am or what i am doing here. I feel outcast. I feel left out. I look around and see that everybody is with someone. A few lonely souls are actually waiting for someone. Why must i be all alone like this? My head hurts. My eyes blur. My mouth dry. I've no idea what's happening to me. I'm going down. Fast.

The devil inside me

Actually i am worried. The devil in me is running havoc again. And that it's out of control now. It's worse than ever. I'm in perpetual bad mood. Angry all the time. And life just plain sucks.
Perhaps i'm so lonely. Can't seem to find anyone to be with me. I'm too old for everybody. Very frustrated. Wanna watch movie, nobody wants to go with me. I guess, i should just let the devil run amuck. And see what happens.. Good bye


Wind briefing

The malay college wind orchestra team is having its final briefing before entering the hall during the wind orchestra competition finale at the putrajaya convention center on 24th june 07

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Speech day 1

The TJ Kit team. Exquisitely groomed to welcome SPB Agong at the Malay College speech day

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West Wing

Safely arrived in kuala. Alhamdulillah. And here's my beloved school. West wing on the left and c field in the foreground.

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My ride :-)

Believe it or not, this is my ride to kuala kangsar today! Cool eh?

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The curve

My friend good friend took this pic while waiting for my dory with lobster sauce at secret recipe :-)

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Jump start?

My good friend Mon was trying to jump start his car. Guess what, the battery's less than a day's old! But i guess it's not the GP battery's fault as he couldn't jump start his wira. Poor guy.

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I always thought that by giving love and showing love, i can get some back. How immature that belief is. Now i realize that that's not the case. Sometimes, the more love i give, the hate i received. Sometimes it saddened me. Why can't i receive love like other people? Or am i receiving it without knowing? Can't be. But at last, i have to succumb to fate. That i've no power over anything. That i have to be content being alone like this. But i am thankful that at least i know that god is forever loving. So, Till that day comes. The day that promises eternity.


Like movies? I love movies. No matter what genre and the origin. Movies are reflections of our lives. It can also shed light on our aspirations as humans. Some Movies give us hope and some leave us in despair. It's a totally different world in the movies. It's a world of possibilities. A world without boundaries. A world without limits.


Radio commercial

There's this commercial on radio where a soothing voice described a situation where nobody would help an old lady with a cane. I know that it's a serious commercial but something weird struck me. What if everybody suddenly wanted to help? What would happen? And it'd be humorous if everybody starts to carry and hoist the poor lady a la rock star! :-) i know that i'm being mean, but hey, sometimes it's just funny what some of these commercials could trigger in your mind. Forgive me ok? I just have a weird imagination hehehe


Berita buat kawan

On the bus now. Going back to batu pahat to visit my parents. And right now the radio's playing Berita buat kawan. And all the memories came flooding back :-) this ebiet g ade's masterpiece was very popular in the early 80s. Back in koleq then, about 20 years ago, this song always accompanied us during our cheering trips outstation. I can still remember the exciting trips we took to ipoh, taiping, sg siput and other places. Just to support our teams. Didn't matter whether it's soccer, rugby, volleyball or basketball or hockey. We cheered them all! Hmmm those were the days :-)

Journey begins

A lot of times, the innocence of a child can bring tears to my eyes. How beautiful and pure is a child's mind. Not corrupted. Not influenced.

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Sometimes, nothing is ever enough

And that is human. So hard to feel contented with what we have. So hard to be satisfied with what we own. But truly, do we own anything at all? Don't think so. Because if we do own all the things that we have, then the lost and found section would close shop.

Nothing would ever get lost. We'd have TOTAL CONTROL over our belongings that they would never get lost. And of course, would never break down either. And that's what owning is. Total ownership. But of course, we don't have such control. Sometimes, things do get lost no matter how much we take care of them.

The truth is, we never own anything. Nothing in this world is ours. Not even our bodies. No. Not even our souls. No.


Actually, just like our lives. It just zooms us by.

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Lights. Wonderfully sweet. Tantalizingly beautiful. Yet so many of us are blind, unable to discern a lighted path and a dark alley. We are always confused and disoriented. We are always doubtful of our instinct. Yet we are so attuned to pleasure and forever seeking it. Pleasure. Lust. That to some, mean everything in life. The force of life. The meaning of life. Only if.. Only if they know better

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blogging from my mobile

This is cool :-) to be able to blog from my mobile. Can't believe how far we, as humans, had gone in technology. Yet, still not powerful enough to stop diseases. And of course, nobody can live forever. So much for power. Guess who's the most powerful of all? :-)

Scout mtg

Scout exhibition mtg. A&W petaling jaya. From the left is doc, hamid n jakli. Hardworking people :-)

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At Istana Hotel during the ESQ Training Angkatan 8.