Today is a sad day. Because I lost my Supervisorship. I'm not an Herbalife Supervisor anymore. I'm just a Sr Consultant. Just because I FAILED to earn enough points last year. WHY GOD???

I need the 50% discount because I need to fend of the evil drugs that I am taking for my bipolar from turning me into a big balloon. But I thunk that YOU just do not care isn't it? Even with 50%, it's difficult for me to maintain. Now with 35%?? Ridiculous! I am such A LOSER. The more I think about my life, the more I HATE it. NOTHING seems to work in my life. NOTHING! ZILCH! NADA!!!

What the fuck is happening?? I couldn't continue living because my life IS A MESS. A TOTAL MESS. A PATHETIC MESS. I'm fed up of living. Fed up of facing the same joke of a life day in and day oiut. I am just tired of this horrible existence. What a tragic life. And I am sure, when I die, it'd be tragic too. In the hereafter, I'd be faced with a much severe sentence. For the monster I am on earth and for the unappreciative fool I am born to be.



Whitney Houston 1963-2012

It's sublime. When listening to the late Whitney Houston songs, especially from her first album, Whitney Houston (1987), I'd be transported back to a very specific moment in time. I forgot the date. I just remember what happened. My class was on our way to a camping trip at Hulu Langat and we were on the bus stopping behind Kompleks Dayabumi. It's dark already but not that late. Waiting for some classmates picking up our food supplies from Mohazmi's mom. She had a shop there. It's one of the sweetest memories when I was in MCKK, the camping trip.

And that's why, when I read the news of Whitney's untimely passing, I was swarmed with grief. I grew up with her songs. In fact, her second album, Whitney, reminded me of my Shah Alam days when I was taking the American Associate Degree from Indiana University. Her Bodyguard soundtrack serenaded me with the hauntingly rendered "I Will Always Love You" when I went to the States to pursue my architecture degree.

I still remember watching The Bodyguard at the theatre on Lincoln Way in Ames and later on rented laserdisc from Movies To Go. Her voice was unique. It was always a toss between Mariah Carey and her… but I always prefer Whitney. She got class. My ears wouldn't hurt listening to her high notes.

It's sad. It was so sudden. She's only 48. The fact that she passed away at the same hotel where Clive Davis' party was planned that night and where she was supposed to perform, was surreal. At the time of writing, the police was still in the dark about the cause of death. I just hope that it's not suicide, though several media outlets hinted on that. It's a tragic end to a wonderful and gifted songbird. It's a sad end to a person who had enriched millions of lives around the world with her songs and powerful voice.