Loneliness. A friend.

I am just tired of being lonely. I'm exhausted. fatigue fills every fiber in me. Frustration. Anger. I don't believe that anyone should be lonely. I can't accept it. Yes, I do have friends and family. But the company that has been eluding me since I was a kid had been… a lover. That is a BIG word. It possesses so many connotations, both good and bad. Positive and negative. Yet, the true meaning is the same. Someone whom you love and loves you back. Such a simple concept. Yet… so elusive.

I have no idea what I should do now. Like I said, I'm out of breath. I'm out of energy to pursue that holy grail of relationship. I am out of the race. And I am getting older. I do miss many people… too many in fact. Those whom I thought could become someone to share my life with. Alas, not a single one of them. They fled… a lot of times even before I opened my mouth. They just ran away. Trying to escape this monster in front of them. Couldn't believe their eyes, they ran and ran. Faster and faster towards the horizon. And I was left alone. Again.


Losing it

Suddenly I've lost interest in everything. Don't like to watch movies anymore. Somehow reading makes me sleepy. Surfing the net seems tiring. I just cannot concentrate on anything anymore. What I know is how lonely I am. So lonely that it's as if I'm the only one on earth. Scary.

I realize that this is the beginning of a depression episode. Am I ready for another ride down the hill of life??


The forgotten pain

Sometimes, I'd forgot about the pain of bipolar. Sometimes, that would be good. But today, it's not. I had been manic these past few days. So happy to get to kuala and got involved with the two groups I love most - wind orchestra and the prefects. The joy in helping them was spiritually sublime.

But then, the table turned when I got to kl. This was when my loneliness suddenly reared its head. Without any warning. And I got caught... unexpected. You might ask, what has loneliness got to do with my illness? Everything. For years, loneliness has been one of the major factors in my depression. A trigger. A cause.

And when this depression arrives, it'd be so painful that many times I just couldn't stand it anymore. Suicidal thoughts always follow loneliness. Hopelessness. Helplessness. It's just total chaos. Albeit a quiet one.


Drugs anyone?

When the power of Lexapro and Epilim kicked in, I'd be transported into the land of dreams. It's the realm of slowness and grogginess. I'd be forgetful. Everything seems to be in slow motion. I hate it.