Breaking fast at nando's sg Wang. Quite boring. Not because of the food. But because I'm alone. There is some kind of magic when having a meal with someone else. I guess that's why, I heard somewhere that to the Chinese, one should not dine alone.

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Transnasional curtain

For an unknown reason, the curtain onboard the southbound bus I was on, doesn't cover the whole window. Hmmm

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The kuala Kangsar bus station

And over here, waiting is the game.

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Waiting in kuala

Honestly, I hate to wait. And right now I've been waiting for 2 hrs at the kuala Kangsar bus terminal. Waiting for my bus to take me to kl. But I guess waiting is a part of life. There are a lot of things that we cannot control. In fact there are nothing that we can really control. If we were that powerful, we'd never allow ourselves to die.

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