My Mania. Day 3.

Today is the third day of my mania hehehe... I think it'll be a full day of highs. If not, i'll either have a bout of mix episodes or a total depression. A normal episode will be quite unlikely.

Last night, I went to the MCOBA Penthouse to listen to the Dorm Twenty 2 practicing for the MCOBA Dinner. I had this sugar rush! I even sang when asked... I was in the Karaoke mode (and I couldnt sing!). I felt like dancing and jumping up and down. The only thing that restrained me from doing so was the presence of my friends. I didn't want them to panic when they saw a lunatic in their midst. I'm pretty sure that they wouldn't know what to do... they might call 999 hahaha. It's good though, because now I know that my mania is somehow a bit controllable.

You know what? I think that it's kinda cool to have this disease. (Is this my mania talking? Jeng jeng jeng :-) )