MCOBA Raya open house

My attending last night's Mcoba open house was in a way, not planned at all. Somehow, I missed the date. I went to the penthouse not knowing anything about the function. I went there on business. Yet, it was 8 hours well spent.

Not much solving the business problem at hand, the event lifted my spirits. My good mood was decreasing after realizing that I'm gonna be alone again this weekend. But being at the party, surrounded by my old friends and making new ones, had certainly put a smile on my face.

They still remember me :-)

I guess that for the past 2 years, I had forgotten about the power that Mcoba has on me.

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It's back, ladies and gentlemen

Yeah, my feared depression is back. Nothing else matters now. Why? But at least I'm blogging. Something that I seldom do. Nothing interests me anymore. And ending it all did cross my mind Everything is a blur now. Grey and dull. Struggling is futile. I know that I'm jeopardizing my work, but I just can't make myself to care. It's dim in here. And I know, it'll be dark soon. It'd be goodbye then :-(

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My defunct engine :-( bye my dear

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