After the attack...

Last night, I was attacked by a group of 7 or 8 young Malay boys, just because I didn’t hand them my mobile. These motorbiked parasites, which deserved to be burnt in hell for eternity, had walloped me and injured me. Being tackled and punched and hit on the head with a helmet, I was truly helpless. These bastards, these ‘Mat Rempits’, had violated my freedom and my status as a human being. They took my one and only phone, and to some degree, my freedom and my emotional stability. My trusted Moleskine was lost during the attack. I couldn't remember what happened to it. Even though no stitches was needed for my bleeding head, I am suffering from some sort of emotional trauma like I’ve never experienced before. The hurt that I am feeling now is more than physical. It is more than the hurt produced by my bleeding head and the injuries on my legs and back. It is anger, sadness, helplessness, and just downright pity. I see a darker world now. I mistrust people. I hate the crowd and loathe empty and dark spaces. I am scared of being alone. The phone that they took from me was my only instant connection to the world outside. Living alone, physically and emotionally, I depend on the phone to keep me company. I can’t afford to buy a new phone under my present condition and this is the thing that infuriates me. The attackers were FUCKING SON-OF-BITCHES!!!!!!!!!! May them rot in hell, both in this world and hereafter. Amen. 

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yuan said...

Dear mr. hasnul,

first of all, sorry about the "attack".. the reason why i'm writing a comment in your post is because i'm looking for a long lost friend - Rosman Ngah. While i'm searching and looking in the internet, i found his name and picture in your blog... so i decide to contact you.

he used to be a co-worker of mine @ yayasan pahang... and he is the one who first introduce me to music...and so on..

i really hope you can help me so that i can contact him and say thanks to him again...if without him, i will not be able to pursue my dream in music. Currently i'm working abroad and i hope that i can meet him when i come back to malaysia on feb'08 for a break ... hope you can help thanks..

sorry again..

yuan (tan yan wei)