sojourn in langkawi

Went to langkawi yesterday. Had to take pictures of the site to be developed. What a hectic day. I took the night train to alor star and reached a.s at 8.30. Then took the cab from a.s to kuala kedah where i boarded the 9.30 ferry to langkawi. Straight went to work upon reaching shore hahaha. Rented a car for 40 bucks, which was quite reasonable.
After taking the pictures i was so tired. Too tired to catch the next train from a.s. But money was depleting. Hmmm. So i searched for cheap but ok hotel for the night. Which proved to be tricky. I didn't realize that good hotels are so expensive! It's normal to find a room that cost 600 per night. And that's not four seasons. THAT ONE is only 1800.00 per room per night PLUS 10% service charge! Crazy. But yeah, international standard. I won't be suprised if langkawi would start using USD like bali. At least bali is more exotic and beautiful. Go figure. But at last, i stayed at eagle bay at kuah town. 109 bucks with breakfast, not that bad.
And now, after a one and a half hour ferry trip and one hour bus from a.s, i find myself waiting for my bus to kuala kangsar from butterworth. I just hope that the chocolates i bought for gift won't melt before given to my friends. Hahaha.

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