I'm Manic now

A lot of my friends asked me what it feels like to be manic. Well, it's hard to describe actually. But I guess, let me just write down what I am feeling now. Right at this moment. I realized that I am attacked by the manic zombies a few hours ago, when I couldn't seem to be able to stop talking. I would just talk, talk, talk and keep on talking. From one topic to another. To whomever was there around me. And I would feel that my mind was racing; also from one topic to another. Trying to solve one problem and realizing that I have another problem, and my mind would drift to the newer set of problems without solving the previous one. Weird isn't it? And then, intermingling with these problems, which I somehow manage to handle with a big smile on my face, are the hopes and ideas. Ideas ranging from the truly modest to the outright bizarre. Like wanting to start directing movies hahaha (though right now, it seems VERY LIKELY that I would succeed).

My mind seems to be jumping all over the places. With glee. And the scary part is that, it's NOT ONLY my mind... my physical being is also infected by this optimism and happy bug. I feel like running, singing, dancing and scampering hahaha. The world has suddenly become so bright with enthusiasm and optimism  :)  Nothing seems to be able to destroy this feelings (though I realize how wrong I am about that). I am a happy, contented but ambitious ghoul. A ghoul, that's who I am... like Casper, the happy ghost hehe. Happy as a clam (why a clam? Beats me)

I believe that I should be leveraging this manic episodes and make full use of it. This would be the time to face customers and explore new grounds as I am fearless. But then, whenever I am manic, like right now, I would feel that my mind just cannot stay put. It seems to have a mind on its own (that's funny, considering that a 'mind' has 'a mind on its own' hahaha) I can't concentrate. I would make blunders and mistakes which I would not immediately regret, because at that time, I would be so optimistic that NOTHING could do me harm. Pergh... what a thought.

Well, there it is, and I'd better stop this as my mind has begun to fly and perch on something else... take care you all!!! And have a nice day!!!  :)

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