Apple and me (should not it be Apple and I ? Haha)

Another hour, and the world will know the wonderful gadget that Apple has in store for us. The new iPhone. The highly anticipated iPhone. 4s or 5? Or both? Who cares. I personally think that Cuppertino is making way too much money, though I still love Apple. I can't understand the need to change my phone every year. But sadly, right after each and every new product launching, there would be a stir... deeeep inside me saying that..."Hey! I NEED one!"

It's the power of marketing. Or the power of Apple. And I am sure that I am not the only one that would feel that way. A lot of people do and most of these people, public would call the FanBoys. I don't think that I am a FanBoy, though I am definitely an Apple fan. I guess that when it comes to brands, I am a loyalist. Just take Nikon and Herbalife and Timberland and Nike. These are my favorite brands. MCOBA is also a brand hahaha... However, I guess my love for Apple is the stronger ones among these brands, except MCOBA of course.

Apple does take away a lot of my money with their products and those things that are associated with their products like apps and accessories. The funny thing is, I love them all. No matter what people tell me, and no matter how much my friends want to convert me and go to the Dark Side (windows or android, haha) I would stand firm. And I'd stay with Apple. It's kinda interesting that I stayed with Apple through its rough years. I kept my faith even though every one, including Wall Street, said that Apple would file for Chapter 11 or would be taken over by Microsoft or just died. I believed in Apple. Man, I wish I could have such faith in my country nowadays, but that's another issue. But then, did I receive any Apple stock for my loyalty? None. Nada. But I guess that I got this rare satisfaction of saying that all these people were wrong. Hehehe... And of course, I am rewarded with the satisfaction of using gadgets produced by the company I love.

Believe me when I say that Apple products just work. And THAT is very important to me :)

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