Tri episode

Yesterday was a tri episode day. Manic in the morning, depression in the afternoon and manic again at night. I don't recall having a normal day yesterday. The feelings were acute.

When I woke up, things were fine and dandy. I wasn't lonely, had a friend with me. When that person's gone, I was still in an upbeat. Was about to go back to KL when suddenly I saw things in a different perspective. I began to 'see' many things that constitute a normal life which I don't possess. A family. Caring Children. Material possessions. A stable job. And in an instant, my feelings went downhill. It felt like suddenly walking into a hole. And it rested in the whole for several hours until I stepped into my alma mater's ground. Then things picked up again. And as sudden. Somehow, being with the orchestra helped. I just don't know why.

This buoyant mode is nevertheless here today. Not bad. Hope it can stay for the rest of the day to KL and Batu Pahat.

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